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Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) - Enschede

project image
MST Twente - Enschede
Bouw MST
MST Twente - Enschede
MST Twente - Enschede
MST Twente - Enschede
Project data
Client: MST Architecten IAA
Architect: IAA Architecten
Contractor: Trebbe/Dura Vermeer
Construction costs: €140 million
Construction period: 2012 - 2014
Gross floor area: 90.000 m2

The ' Medisch Spectrum Twente' (MST) desires to focus all of her departments into one location. Therefore, a masterplan was developed that required a large scale construction of new areas and where current acommodations would have to be adjusted. The MST is the largest non-academic hospital in The Netherlands. In order to keep the hospital operational, the construction is sequentially executed. Bartels is the main constructor for this project

The MST wants to become an appealing hospital, by working patient-oriented, being hospitable and offering both services and care of a high quality standard. The buildings have to be pleasant to stay in, for both patients and employees. To improve this ambition even further, the MST has developed a plan where the polyclinical and clinical healthcare can be brought together.

Architecturally the design will be characterized as a comb shape, which is covered in a large bell. This creates indoor parks, which adds to the the building in a spacious and functional way. In 2015, along with the 'Vrouw ad Kind Centrum' and 'Thoraxcetrum', a new and modern medical cluster will form the core of the healthcare sector in the city centre of Enschede. The interior of the new hospital is designed based on the principles of a 'Health 



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