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Deloitte House

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Deloitte House (Atrium City) -  Poland
Deloitte House (Atrium City) -  Poland
Deloitte House (Atrium City) -  Poland
Project data
Client: Skanska Property Poland
Architect: Kaziemierski & Ryba
Costs: € 30 million
Building period: 2007 - 2009
Gross floor area: 36.000 m2


The 17-storey A-class office building Atrium City is located in the heart of Warsaw by Jana Pawla II Avenue, the street with banks, insurance and telecommunication companies, next to the 5 star hotel Westin. This impressive structure with its glass atrium is distinctive for the streetscape.

The new name for Atrium City is Deloitte House. Together with Skanska Property, we have created a modern office building, which is a friendly environment for the employees. Bartels Consulting Engineers made a new building design and did the structural engineering. The three storey underground parking is build from in situ concrete and lies in a very extraordinary way on the concrete foundation bottom plate. The above structure is a typical prefabricated concrete one: three technical and communication cores from in situ concrete, prefabricated concrete beams and a kind of high beams carrying the floor from hollow-core slabs. Inside the building is an impressive atrium of 40 metres long and 20 metres high.

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